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Oysters are the protein of the future. Eat more of them!



Bright Brine

Avalon oysters are nurtured from our own hatchery. The meat has a lightness to its flavor and the texture is an oyster lover’s dream. They are an immune-boosting, mood elevating, superfood.

Ecosystem Helpers

Oysters improve the health of coastal waters, enhance ocean habitats, and increase

Low Carbon

Oysters emit 99% less
CO2 than livestock. Eating oysters is the tastiest way we can reduce our carbon
footprint from food.

zero input Farming

Shellfish farming requires no freshwater, fertilizer, or animal feed. Unlike most
crops, there is no need for land or freshwater.

Better materials

We grow our shellfish in custom made equipment aimed at eliminating plastic in the ocean.

Find Avalon at select premier eateries including Eventide (Portland, ME) and The Lobster Place (Chelsea Market, NYC).

Our Avalon oysters are also available for home delivery anywhere in the country.

BUY oysters

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Doing our part for a climate positive future.

To protect the ocean, we pledge 2% of revenue to support marine research.

All carbon emitted in the growing process is removed via Running Tide deep sea carbon sequestration.

All shellfish packaging is either recyclable or compostable.